In light of the changes brought about by the impact of globalization, the language courses and multidisciplinary courses of this degree program are designed to nurture in students the capacity to participate in activities in the international and global arenas and to cultivate a young generation with cognizance of other cultures, international vision, international competitiveness, and the spirit of service.


  • The curriculum places the study of the languages of Southeast Asia as its heart, and expands out to include the study of the language and culture of related subjects to nurture in students a deep understanding of the strains of thought and development in Southeast Asian cultures and civilizations. 


  • The areas of advanced level study provided at NCCU include humanities, translation and interpreting, social sciences, international and area studies, law, business, and media and communications, allowing students to attend multidisciplinary classes and thus have more engagement with the diverse academic skills required in different fields. Students will thus cultivate the academic skills and the practical experience expected of multidisciplinary elite talents.  



 Prospects of NCCU-SEALC──Diversity & Globalization


  • To equip students with a high level of foreign language competence in Southeast Asian languages and English to participate in the global environment. 


  • To provide diverse multidisciplinary courses as a structure for students to create their own study map.   


  • To promote academic exchange with our partner universities in the areas of Southeast Asian studies, language, culture, education, and research. 




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